sábado, 4 de agosto de 2012

Shä-Key - A Head Nädda's Journey to Adidi Skizm (1994)

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01. Children Of The Corn
02. Enter The Center
03. Sousville
04. Bicoastal Holdup
05. The Sleeper
06. Doompasaga
07. Pedicure
08. Blunted Blitz
09. The Story (What Happened To The Hardrox)
10. Sha-Theme
11. Vibe Kameleonz
12. Head Nädda's Journey (Chpt. 1)
13. Sha-Theme (live)

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  1. Essa música Souls Ville, é muito louca irmão.

    Ass: Felipe Old School Gangsta.

    Jardim Ângela - SP