quinta-feira, 31 de março de 2011

M-Phazes - Good Gracious (2010)

M-Phazes - Good Gracious (2010)

01. For What It’s Worth (ft. Solo)
02. Where’s Elvis? (ft. Drapht)
03. The Freak Show (ft. Mantra)
04. Goodbye Gravity (ft. Muph & Plutonic w/ Candice Monique)
05. Home (ft. Delta)
06. Blind Man (ft. Pegz)
07. Long Winding Road (ft. Spit Syndicate)
08. Music Box (ft. Phrase)
09. The Club Song (ft. Forthwrite)
10. Keep Running (ft. Nfa)
11. Triumph (ft. 13th Son)
12. Walk On Clouds (ft. Bliss N Eso)
13. The Facilitator (ft. Dialectrix)
14. That’s What We On (ft. Nine High)
15. Take It From Me (ft. Illy)

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