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Randam Luck - Graveyard Shift (2009)

Randam Luck - Graveyard Shift (2009)

  1. You Will Never Be (Beat By Loptimist)
  2. Blood (Feat. Banish & Aims) (Beat By AD)
  3. Listen (Feat. Banish) (Beat By AD)
  4. Danger (Feat. Big Left Of La Coka Nostra) (Beat By Loptimist)
  5. Raw (Remix) (Feat. Vinnie Paz) (Beat By Snowgoons)
  6. Buck'em Down (Beat By AD)
  7. Back To Business (Beat By AZA)
  8. Celebrity Smackdown (Feat. Copywrite) (Beat By Loptimist)
  9. Lost It (Beat By Flo)
  10. Get Ya' Mind Right (Feat. Reef The Lost Cauze & Planetary) (Beat By AD)
  11. Mystery On The Block (Beat By AD & Life & Death)
  12. Connected (Feat. Banish) (Beat By Melanko)
  13. 1 Man 1 Life (Feat. Heated) (Beat By Vherbal)
  14. Street Goons (Feat. Jimmy Powers) (Beat By Snowgoons)
  15. Verbal Holocaust (Remix) (Feat. Ill Bill) (Beat By Snowgoons)
  16. Pick Your Poison (Beat By Undefined)
  17. Watch Your Step (Feat. Banish & Aims) (Beat By Aims)
  18. Golden State (Beat By Loptimist)

VIDEO - You Will Never Be

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