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Mobb Deep - The Infamous Archives (2007)

Mobb Deep - The Infamous Archives (2007)

1. Everyday Gun Play
2. Crime Connection (w/ Cormega)
3. First Day Of Spring (w/ Tragedy Khadafi)
4. Untitled
5. Rep The QBC (w/ Infamous Mobb)
6. Reach (w/ Chinky)
7. In The Long Run (w/ Ty Nitty)
8. Young Luv
9. Block Life (w/ ACD)
10. Shit Hits The Fan (w/ Gotti)
11. Murderers (w/ E Money Bags)
12. Thou Shall Not Kill (w/ Snoop Dogg)
13. Perfect Plot (w/ Big Noyd)
14. QB Meets Southside (w/ Sticky Fingaz & X-1)
15. How You Like Me Now (w/ Rah Digga)

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