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From The Depths Entertainment Compilations

From The Depths Entertainment Presents The Carnage

1. Less Than A Second - We Are Terminal (Lakeland, FL)
2. Storm The Bay - The Redheads Revenge (Finger Lakes, NY)
3. Feed Her To The Sharks - Misery (Melbourne, Australia)

4. They Come From The Sky - Blood Diamond (Bologna, Italy)
5. G Child - Fed Up (Allentown, PA)

6. Wings Of Victory - Exceptions (Jacksonville, FL)
7. An Archaic Smile - Streets Of Rage (Santa Rosa, CA)
8. Sleep Now Sivylla - I Wrote This Song On The John (Longview, TX)
9. Fall Of Heroes - We Will Never Change (Lancaster, PA)
10. My Own Armada - Taste Of The Past (Scranton, PA)

11. Fame - Dirty Work (Winnipeg, Canada)
12. All Dreams Arrest - Forget To Write (Sandusky, OH)

From The Depths Entertainment Presents The Firing Squad

1. Atlantic Avenue - Let Go (Reading, PA)
2. Boo Diddly - The Homecoming (Reading, PA)
3. I Am The Messenger - Yeah, But What If She Needs A Doctor (Cincinnati, OH)
4. Arden - A Slow Spiral Geoffrey (Baltimore, MD)
5. Storm The Walls - This Place Is Cursed (Wales, UK)

6. Dropout Year - This Notebook (Owings Mills, MD)
7. Allura - Sink Or Swim (Los Angeles, CA)

8. Longing For Tomorrow - Blickes Fang (Germany)
9. For Our Lifetime - Love At A Nightclub (Manalapan, NJ)

10. Vertigo Sun - Chicago Typewriter (Lafayette, LA)
11. The Kindness Of Strangers - Me Grinning (Baltimore, MD)
12. To End All Seasons - You Call This The End Of The Battle...(Orange County, CA)
13. A Voice Like Rhetoric - Your New Disco-Tech (Courtesy of I Am Shark Indiestries) (Pittsburgh, PA)

14. Paria- The Barnacle Cordius (Omaha, NE)
15. Heroes In Silence - T.F.A (Germany)
16. Suburban Losers - Alternative Lifestyle (Reading, PA)
17. Breath Of Fate - No Choice (Germany)


From The Depths Entertainment Presents The Arrival

1. Forgiven Rival – The Grey (courtesy of El Shaddai Records)(Australia)
2. Glamour Of The Kill – A Hope In Hell (Radio Edit)(UK)
3. The Midnight Life- From The Ground Up (Palm Beach, FL)
4. The Transfer- Is This The World (Detriot, MI)
5. One Morning Left – Panda Heart Penguin (Finland)

6. Boo Diddly – Keep Pushing (Reading, PA)
7. Hilltop Hoods – Roll On Up (courtesy of Obese Records)(Australia)
8. At Dodge City – Fallout (courtesy of The 5th Moon! Records)
9. Forge The Alliance – Take Away (Long Island, NY)
10. She Chased The Sky – Suspense On The Tip Of Your Tongue (Great Meadows, NJ)
11. In Tomorrows Shadow – Make Believe (New Orleans, LA)
12. One Last Enemy – All This Time Standing Back (Easton, PA)
13. Among The Departed – Shotgun Surgery (Philadelphia, PA)


From The Depths Entertainment Presents Fresh Shipment

1. Summerkill-City Lights (Union County, NJ)
2. Herbrightskies-Some Live Their Lives (Sweden)
3. Life On Hold-Balladeer (Billerica, MA)
4. The Crowning-When Tragedy Strikes (Queens, NY)
5. Man With Target-Hunt For Killer (Canada)
6. Fire With Fire-Tonight (radio edit)(Atlantic City, NJ)
7. Alessa Hills-Fight Club (Dominican Republic)
8. Myfashionlove-A Butterfly With Broken Wings (Diva)(Italy)
9. Torn From The Roots-Steamboat Willie (Bensalem, PA)
10. Your Best Friend-White And Red (Detroit, MI)
11. Boo Diddly-Throw Something Up In My Range (Reading, PA)

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