quinta-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2010

Black Moon - Total Eclipse (2003)

Black Moon - Total Eclipse (2003)

  1. Stay Real
  2. Looking Down The Barrel (Feat Sean Price)
  3. The Fever
  4. Confusion
  5. Thats The Way Shit Iz (Ft Cocoa Brovaz)
  6. Why We Act This Way (Feat Starang WondaH)
  7. MC Everybody (Skit Done By Buckshot)
  8. Thatz How It Iz
  9. Stoned Iz The Way
  10. Ruck Is Dead (Skit)
  11. What Would U Do (Feat Sean Price)
  12. How We Do It
  13. Where It Goez Wrong (Feat Tek AKA Smokey Lah)
  14. Pressure Iz Tight
  15. No Way (Ft Steele)
  16. This Goes Out To You (Feat Steele)
  17. Rush (Bonus)

Stay Real

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