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Snowgoons-German Lugers (2007)

Snowgoons-German Lugers (2007)

  1. Heads Or Tails (Feat Chief Kamachi, Virtuoso & Jus Allah)
  2. Who What When Where (Feat Celph Titled & Majik Most)
  3. Never (Feat Reef The Lost Cause)
  4. Gunz (Feat Sean Price, Jus Allah & Doujah Raze)
  5. Teacher's Trademark (Feat Wise Intelligent)
  6. Thinking About Me (Feat Baby Blak)
  7. No Guts, No Glory (Feat O.C.. Rasco, Reef The Lost Cauze & Wordsworth)
  8. German Lugers (Feat Mitchell Hennessey & Edi Amin)
  9. Black Woods (Feat MED & Living Legends)
  10. Real World (Feat Born Unique)
  11. Show Love (Feat El Da Sensei)
  12. Man Of The Year (Feat Last Emperor)
  13. It's Yours (Feat Afu-Ra)
  14. Nothin' You Say (Feat Edo G)
  15. Snowgoons Sonata (Feat Pumpkinhead)
  16. No Man's Land (Feat Breeze Evahflowin)
  17. Offensive Lineup (Feat Craig G)
  18. Wait A Minute (Feat Kreators)

VIDEO - Never (Feat. Reef The Lost Cauze)

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