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089 Clique - Darkside of M-Town (2007)

089 Clique - Darkside of M-Town (2007)

01. Intro
02. DarkSide Of M-Town (Feat. TrinitY)
03. Don't Fuck With Us (Feat. Killa B from HGP)
04. Dark Legends (Feat. Mystik Entertainment)
05. Phone Skit – Madam Murda
06. Round Here (Feat. Compton Boiz)
07. Nightmare (Feat. Brajn Damage, MCH, Skinny Cueball, Rizo Mane, Hookins & Prophet)
08. Where Is Da Bud (Feat. Young Blunted from TVC)
09. Take Us To The Other Side (Feat. Laced Evil, Skinny Cueball & Rizo Mane)
10. Shutz From Da AK's
11. Behind Closed Doors (Feat. Shot One & SJB One)
12. M-Town 2 M-Town (Feat. Minnesota Snipe & Skinny Cueball)
13. Visions Of Death (Feat. Prophet)
14. Outro
Bonus Track: Rhyme Prophet – You're The Only One For Me (Feat. Nancy Djor)

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  1. My name is Rhyme Prophet. I am the owner of the label called "Clique House Productionz. I would ask them to remove all the tracks of our album of her homepage (089 Clique - DarkSide Of M-Town). We will take legal action if not removed within this month. Thank you for your understanding

    Yours sincerely,

    Sven Pollok aka Rhyme Prophet